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SOLANK Power Systems is a mixture of young and experienced members. It is a small team with 30+ man years experience in the design of various electronic products All the products are designed with state of the art SMD components. Many products are based on Micro Controllers from Industry leader Microchip . The above photo a DSP controller, the work horse of the Grid Tied Inverter. . Many products and buidling blocks are ready for commercial production

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Internet of Things - IoT

IoT is a network of sensors and other devices. These sensors are connected to our B-Hi IoT work horse. Each work horse can handle 8 analog inputs and 8 digital I/O.I also has one RS232 port to take input from other intelligent devide. So the signals from sensors can be processed and sent to a WIFI board. The details of B-Hi can be found in this video B-Hi Data CollectorThis board posts the data on the cloud via MQTT. One can have dash boards and analytic services available in our platform. For more details visit Iot - Bharat We can also post data to any other MQTT broker or server. B-Hi is fully compatible with Industry 4.0. Edge conputing is also possible with B-Hi

We are looking for channel partners with sound financial background to market these products.Thsi product can be distributed world wide

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