B-Hi Data Collector

B-Hi Data Collector Bi-Hi has been designed to collect shop floor / machine / Process data and put it on the Cloud. This product has been designed around a Micro Controller from Microchip. This small PCB of around 40 sq.cm of size can collect data from 8 analog inputs and 8 digital inputs. B-Hi can collect data from Industry standard RS232 port too. This device runs under C Programming language. So it can process the data and take actions through any one of the eight DIgital I/Os. Some more details can be found at the video B-Hi Data Collector. This board gives signal to another GPRS Board which again transmits the data to any FTP server in the globe. Once data reaches an FTP server, then it can be collected by MQTT Client or can populate any data base table. . This product is very much suitable for edge computing. A survey says, only 20% of data need to be uploaded to cloud. 80% of data can be consuemed internally and decisions can be taken locally

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Internet of Things - IoT

If the sensors are under a close location, like in a CNC machine, then B-Hi can be used to collect directly through wired connections. If sensors are widely spread over an area, then we can use Zigbee wireless sensor networl to collect data from various sensors. THeB-HI has an serial port. So the Zigbee coordinator can tranmsit the data to B-HI and this can put the dta to the FTP Server.IoT is a network of sensors and other devices. These sensors are connected by wireless Zigbee network. This network will have three types of devices. 1. Coordinator. 2. Routers 3.End Devices. The coordinator is responsible for forming the network and maintaining it. Sesnors will be connected to the End Devides, Routers will be used to route the messages. Any End Device can send and receive a message to another end message. The coordinator can broadcast a message to all the End Devices or a group of devices. Zigbee network is very suitable for local area network with low rate of data

We are looking for channel partners with sound financial background to market these products.Thsi product can be distributed world wide

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