Solank 500W Buck Converter

SOLANK 500W Buck Converter Buck Converter is used to conveter unregualted DC voltage to regulated DC. But in Buck Comverter, the output will be lower than the input voltage. Hence the name Buck Conveter. The input DC and the output DC are not isolated. This conveter gives a regulated output with current limit. Output voltage and current limit are settable using external potentio meters. This PCB is powered by 24V DC. All the products are designed with state of the art SMD components. Many products are based on Micro Controllers from Industry leader Microchip . The above photo is a Buck Converter, designed to deliver 500W Power. . We have many other products like Boost Converter, Inverter, 5V Adapter etc, 100W H-Bridge etc etc.

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Embedded System

Our embedded system design is based on PIC series of microcontollers from Microchip. Mainly we are concentrating on 8 and 16 bit microcontollers. For firmware development, we are using CCS Compilor, which has feature rich functions, libraries etc. Our focus is on development of technologies and consulting. Within a short period of two years, we have a good client base. Since we have signed Non Disclosure Agreement with them, we are unable to reveal their names. At present we are concentrating on power electronics and IoT. We will be using our own infra for Iot. For more details check at IoT-Bharat

We are looking for channel partners with sound financial background to market these products.Thsi product can be distributed world wide

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