SOLANK 5W Cellphone Adapter

SOLANK-Cell Phone Adapter - 5W We have recently completed the development activities for this 5W adapter. This has been designed using Link Switch from Power Integration, the industry leaders in these type of power supplies.All the products are designed with state of the art SMD components. Many products are based on Micro Controllers from Industry leader Microchip . The above photo a DSP controller, the work horse of the Grid Tied Inverter. . Many products and buidling blocks are under various stages of design and testing

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SOLANK - 5W Power Supplies

This design can be used as a standard 5W power supplies delivering 1A at 5V or 1.5A at 3.3V. The design changes are very minimal to achieve this output configurations. We can aslo providd any other voltage current combination, not exceeding 5W power level.

We are looking for channel partners with sound financial background to market these products.Some of our products can be distributed world wide

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