SOLANK 24V 40A MPPT Charger

SOLANK-MPPT Charger 24V 40A We have recently completed the development activities for this 250W MPPT Charger. This has been designed using Buck Converter a MOSFET drivers from ST Micro Electronics.This has simple RC snubbers to limit rate of rise of reapplied voltage to MOSFET. It has 2 MOV at input and output. A low value shunt resistance is integrated in the negative line to measure the charger current. The output from this can be amplified and used as feedback control and protection All the products are designed with state of the art SMD components. Many products are based on Micro Controllers from Industry leader Microchip . The above photo a shows this product. Required heatsink can be mounted to suit the required power. All the MOSFETs are arranged so that bigger heatsink can be fitted if required. . We can supply this product with required voltage and current rating by suitably changeing the MOSFET and Heatsink. The PCB tracks are suitable for 40A ratings. We can supply this product after fully testing the same

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SOLANK - 24V 40A Buck Converter

This design can be used as a standard 24V Power supply too. This will give any unregulated voltage input from 26V-40V to 24V constant voltage and current limit. We can aslo providd any other voltage current combination, not exceeding 1000W power level.

We are looking for channel partners with sound financial background to market these products.Some of our products can be distributed world wide

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