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Latest updatesWe are getting a lot of leads even during ths lock down days. We willbe developong some gadgets in the sports arena for agility training. Discussion is on for a novel idea to alert a person who is not maintianing a social distance. Discussion has been completed for development and technology transfer of 110V/50A SMPS Battery Charger. We are discussing development of battery chaarger for LI batteries for Electric vehicles. We have finalised discussion for development of air quality monitoring system. It will measure CO2, SOX, NOX, tempearature, Humidy and air velocity. We are waiting for the lock down to open to start the design process We have finalised discussion for the development of a small match box size insturement to measure patient temparature, heart beat, blood oxygen level and heart rate. Fully Indian IoT Platform. There are few leads for condition monitorig systems too. I am in the process of setting up fully Indian IoT infra. Cloud server, installed in India, owned by Indians, IoT platform managed by Indians and I got gateway designed and manufacture in India. We have received inquiry for Battery chargers for EV vehicle and other purposes too. THere is a lead for battery chargers MPPT for solar panels. There is lead for IoT for agriculture too. And from the sports arena, there is a requirement to desing an intelligent chess board. After the pandemic, many were expecting to shift manufacturing from China to India. We have received on lead in this area too. We are confident of closing the deal very soon.

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Internet of Things - IoT

IoT is a network of sensors and other devices. These sensors are connected to our B-Hi IoT work horse. Each work horse can handle 8 analog inputs and 8 digital I/O.I also has one RS232 port to take input from other intelligent devide. So the signals from sensors can be processed and sent to a ESP32 board. This board posts the data on the Google cloud via MQTT. One can have dash boards and analytic services available in Google platform. We can also post data to any other MQTT broker or server. B-Hi is fully compatible with Industry 4.0. Edge conputing is also possible with B-Hi

We are looking for channel partners with sound financial background to market these products.Thsi product can be distributed world wide

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